Grup Montaner

Since 1973, we’ve been experts in attracting talent and managing people.

At Grup Montaner we work with and for people. Because human value is our greatest capital. We guarantee an expert and highly involved team for the management of each project. The team will listen to the specific needs of each client and advise them on how to find the best solution to manage their talent.



We are a group of leading companies specializing in all aspects of human capital management, including selection, development, talent retention, scheduling and outsourcing.  Each one has its own resources, strategy and work culture, but we are united by the same corporate philosophy: offering the highest standards of quality through the closest possible relationship.

This is the premise that has allowed us to become a national leader in the human resources sector, without losing sight of international influence, for over 40 years.

  • A people-centric strategy

    No two people are alike, and each situation should be approached in an individual and personalized way.

  • Enjoy

    We know that one of the keys to good work is a passion for what you do.

  • Quality

    We are motivated by good work, success and tangible results.

  • Achievement

    Facing new challenges and overcoming new obstacles in human resources allows us to grow and develop professionally.

  • Sustainable effectiveness

    We aim to achieve objectives in the shortest possible amount of time, attending both to candidates and to companies.

  • Sustainable integrity

    We are firm in our values and prioritize people above all else.

  • Sustainable honesty

    We believe that all interpersonal relationships must be based on mutual trust.

  • Sustainable transparency

    We make all of our information and knowledge available to our our clients and candidates.

  • Absolute involvement

    We are proactive. Not only do we know how to listen to people and companies, but we also analyze, advise and act based on our extensive knowledge.



Ramon Montaner and Pilar Soldevila create Montaner & Asociados to help companies become more competitive. The principles of “Craftsmanship, Innovation and Service” still prevail today.


Expansion begins throughout Spain.


Creation of the EHRC (European Human Resources Consultants) with partners in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.


Collaboration and recognition at the COOB’92 and the EXPO 92.


Participation in an employment agency (Temporal Quality)
Full membership in the E.F.Q.M.


Creation of Grup Montaner, one of the first Catalan groups aimed at organizational solutions in all aspects of HR.


Opening of the Paris office.


The Grup Montaner Foundation is formed, with an employment center for special needs.


Opening of the new Santiago de Chile office, continuing our process of internationalization.


With more than 40 years of experience, we are leaders in the human resources sector and one of the few companies that encompasses the three main areas of action: selection, training and consulting. Over the years, we’ve invested all of our knowledge, involvement and dedication in people and companies.

Founding partners

Pilar Soldevila

Executive Selection Partner

I’ve enjoyed my work ever since the founding of Montaner & Associates, and I hope to continue.

Joan Manel Montaner

Director of Grup Montaner

My goal: the growth of Grup Montaner, while maintaining its identity and preserving its framework of transparency.

Consulting team

Xavier Hernández

Director of Training and Consulting

Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, graduate degree in business psychology and European Master’s degree in business training. Experience in national and multinational companies in the HR field (selection, training and organizational development).

Susana Rosello

Director of National Selection

Bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology. More than 20 years of experience as a selection consultant at national and multinational companies,
and in the HR field as a project manager and multidisciplinary team leader.

Eva Puigjaner

Senior Consultant - Key Accounts

Expert in training and consulting, both in detection and design as well as development and implementation, coach since 2006 and coordinator for institutions and universities.

Ana Herrero

Executive Coach and Director in Andalusia

Consultant for various areas of work, specialist in executive coaching and strategic planning.

Claire Chaptal

Director of Paris office

Senior consultant specialized in training and personal development.

Pilar Martín

Director of Aragon office

More than 20 years of experience in selection processes and headhunting at national and multinational companies. Bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology and pedagogy. Specialist in professional orientation and organization (University of Barcelona). Master’s degree in human resources. Executive Development Program at the University of Navarre. Professional and executive coach for ASESCO.

Nora Reta

Director of Navarre office

Degree in law from the Public University of Navarre and master’s degree in human resources from the European Forum Business School. Developing work in human resources and consulting departments since 1999.

Genoveva Capdet

Director of Navarre office

Director of Navarre office