Much more than a simple selection process

Nothing matters more to us than people

At Montaner&A, we enjoy every part of the selection process. If you’re actively looking for work, you can count on our full involvement in your application and a relationship based on honesty, trust and transparency.

Our pioneering 3-step method for human resources allows us to understand your current position and detect the needs of the role most suited to your specific qualities. Finally, we’ll accompany you throughout the entire selection process through comprehensive follow-up.

40 years working with qualified executives and professionals

If you’re a senior executive and you want to begin making the changes that will allow you to face new professional challenges, we at Montaner&A specialize in equipping you with the tools you need to organize and execute that process:

  • Diagnosis and assessment of the internal and external resources you possess to successfully manage your process of development.
  • Analysis of your environment and labor market.
  • Support in the development of key skills.
  • Support in efficient communication.