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HR Business Partner

Throughout the last few years, production systems have been subject to profound changes, which are reflected in the constant evolution of the labor market.

The needs of companies change, and forms of labor, the definition of roles and the skills that employees must develop transform along with them.

For this reason, the figure of the human resources consultant must adapt to the new reality and be capable of integrating the company’s strategic vision with comprehensive knowledge of productivity processes and a proper perspective on employee needs.

The emergence of the HR Business Partner presents a solution to the needs of current and future companies, with this professional as the connecting link between various departments, processes, strategies and people, acting as a conduit for agreements and actions, both global and targeted.

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An optimal HR Business Partner service requires:

  • An understanding of the business strategy, business model, productive processes, employees and their skills.
  • Knowledge of the market and the sector in which the company operates.
  • Analysis of sector trends and jobs.
  • Detection and development of all aspects of improvement, both of processes and of people.
  • Coordination of the different departments.
  • Enhancement and direction of internal communication.
  • Assessment of employees and executives.

Montaner&A has the ability to assume this responsibility with maximum guarantees, thanks to:

  • Extensive experience in HR Business Partner projects in the industrial field.
  • Adaptability: providing customized solutions based on needs.
  • Methodology and rigor in each process.